Welcome to our Furball Farm Pet Sanctuary Website!   We are a pretty busy bunch of ladies running this rescue so the easiest way to keep everyone up to date with our status is to follow us on our Facebook Page.

We have added a “Warming House” for the feral cats.  It is a 6X8 walk in cooler that is laying on it’s side and the door area has styrofoam insulation covering it with a cat sized opening for the cats to come and go.  There is another entrance/exit on the other end as well.  It is heated with a milk jug heater and boy do they like it!

We are in the planning stage for a few fundraisers.  This year we are really hoping to be able to construct a new sanctuary inside of the 40X80 Machine shed.  We have already put down concrete that will be heated when we buy a boiler.  So it’s basically one large concreted area ready to be built as our new sanctuary!

We are planning on having a Furball Farm garage sale sometime in May.  We will be accepting donations starting in February.  We are looking for clean and gently used toys, clothes, bikes, kitchen and household items etc…  We will not accept any electronics like computers, tv’s, vcrs etc…

If you shop Amazon this season, please consider using our Amazon Smile link so that a percentage of what you pay is donated by Amazon to our Sanctuary.  The only way small rescues like us can continue to make a difference in all of these homeless animals is by continued support by people like YOU!  Together we can make a difference!!!


  Cat Lives Matter!!

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“Cat Lives Matter”